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  What is the Difference Between Off-the-Rack and Custom Golf Clubs ?


When you purchase a suit - you have it altered to fit properly.
When you get into your car you adjust the seat, the mirrors and the steering wheel to fit you.
Off-The-Rack Golf Clubs are designed as a compromise to fit “everyone”.  They are mass produced for a “generic” build golfer with a height between 5’7” and 6’1”.  This generic design offers Club Length, Lie Angles, Shaft Designs and Weighting that are incorrect for most golfers.

Every Golfer is different - we are not generic.  We are all different Heights, Weights, Strengths and have Different Swings.  The process of designing Custom Clubs includes Swing Evaluation,  hitting Test Clubs with different components to determine the Optimal combination of shaft and clubhead then blueprinting the build setup that personalizes the clubs.  Finally fine tuning the Loft & Lie of the completed clubs.

A Custom Set of golf clubs properly fits only One Golfer as everything about the set is matched to their specifications and game.



    What Are Custom Golf Clubs ?


Custom Golf Clubs are designed and built using components that are Individually Selected for each Golfer.
No Component is limited to any manufacturer - every component is individually selected to fit Your Specifications.
Our Clubheads are supplied from Custom Club Manufacturers who produce components in small Very High Quality batches.
Golf Shafts come from the Best Known Manufacturers in Golf Today.



   Why You Need Custom Golf Clubs


Custom Golf Clubs require a Fitting to Evaluate the Needs of Each Individual Golfer.
Each Component is Individually Selected to meet Your Requirements, Swing and Technical Evaluation.
The Flex, Length, Weight, Loft and Lie is adjusted to Maximize your Ball Strike and give you the Optimal Trajectory.
Custom clubs that fit you Exactly will make you More Accurate, Longer, Straighter and most importantly, Lower Your Score.



Why Would You Play Golf Clubs That Were Designed For A Generic Golfer When You Can Have
Custom Golf Clubs Individually Fitted For Your Measurements and Swing?


Brians Golf Works will Design and Build
The BEST Clubs for YOUR Game!!



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