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Rory Club Fitting


Custom Fitted Golf Clubs Will Lower Your Score !!

Custom Fitting is No Longer a Specialty Service Reserved for Tour Players.

It is estimated by the PGA that Ninety Percent of amateur golfers play with the wrong equipment.
Having clubs that are specifically fit to your unique, individual swing will help you hit the ball farther, straighter and more consistently.
If the clubs you're currently using are inappropriate for your swing, an array of errant shots may arise.
The wrong shaft length or flex will cause lack of distance, hooks or slices.
Playing with the wrong lie will effect your trajectory which can cause pulls or pushes.
No matter what your skill level, you want to play better golf.


What Will I Learn From A Fitting Session?


We offer Three Types of Fitting Sessions - Woods, Irons and Putters.
A Wood or Iron Fitting Session will evaluate what clubheads and shaft designs are optimal for your swing.  By using a Launch Monitor and swing testing different combinations of shafts and clubheads we can determine what combination is optimal for your swing.
Using your Fitting Session Evaluation you can work with us to build clubs that are optimally fit for your game.
Putter Fittings evaluate your putting motion and putter fit.  We use the GolfMechanix Fitting Putter to measure the Shaft length and Lie for your putter.  We also evaluate the best grip size to complete the Putter setup.  We can adjust your current Putter or build a Custom Putter to these specifications.


Aren’t Custom-Fit Clubs Expensive?


Contrary to popular belief, Custom Clubs do NOT cost more than good quality Off-the-Rack clubs.
BGW custom-fits many brands and price ranges of equipment for men and women so that we have something for everyone.
Saving money on clubs is never a good reason to play the wrong equipment.


Do I Have To Purchase New Clubs If I’m Custom-Fit ?


You do NOT have to purchase new clubs if you’re Custom Fit.  You can Custom Fit your current set by changing shafts or clubheads or can take your fitting evaluation and make your own purchase decision. 


Think of your Clubs as Four Sets - Woods, Irons, Wedges and Putter


Woods are for your Long Game clubs.  Driver, Woods and Hybrids need to have the correct head design and Most Importantly the correct shafts for to maximize distance and flight.
Irons need to be the correct head design for your game.  Iron shafts also need to fit your swing to provide the correct ball flight. 
Wedges - The Scoring Clubs.  Having the correct set of Wedges can save a lot of strokes.  A matching set with the correct configuration of Lofts and shaft design is a must!
Putters - Most golfers own Putters that are the wrong length, setup and lie.  These problems cause the inability to line up putts correctly and cause the inability to consistently strike the ball.



Book A Fitting Session To Put Our Technology To Work For You !!



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